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Our Specialties


Our enchilada stack starts with corn tortillas piled high with layers of cheese and whatever meat your heart desires. We then top it off with our homemade red or green chile sauce.

Then we serve it with a side of rice and beans and a small side salad.



A Sopapilla is a delicious fried pastry, almost like a doughnut or quick bread. The Sopapila is prepared very much like a tortilla, but it is put into hot oil where it puffs up into a flaky, yet soft crust. Fillings often range from sweet to savory.

Savory Sopapillas

We serve beef and potato Sopapillas made fresh every day.

Sweet Sopapillas

Or try our Sweet Sopapillas with powdered sugar and honey.

Green Chile

At the Green Chile we smother our dishes in a delicious RED or GREEN chile sauce. Whether it’s our delicious enchilada stack to our beef or chicken taquitos, you will be in heaven when you taste our chile.

Green Chile Fries

Green Chile Burger